The ‘’ domain name is for sale

1 March 2016

Caz Limited are selling the domain name There is no website attached to the name, and it is our understanding that it has not been used for a number of years.

For the avoidance of doubt, the purchaser will end up with full and complete control of this domain name.

Reasons to buy

The following suggestions carry no warranty, express or implied, as to the suitability for your enterprise. Caveat emptor, etc.

For a new business:

  • a short name – only 6 characters and 2 syllables
  • good for international branding

For a business, somewhere in the world, with some existing dinkie-ness:

  • an improved domain name for a website
  • a defensive acquisition to stop people marching in on your territory

The selling timetable

We’re letting people who might have some interest in the domain name know first. If we don’t receive an acceptable offer, then we will put it to auction using GoDaddy or similar.

Selling details

If the purchaser is within the UK, or perhaps some EU countries, and we can establish appropriate bona fides then we may elect to proceed with the transaction directly. For Euro transactions we would consider a service like TransferWise.

On the other hand, if the purchaser is outside the UK/EU, we may elect to use an escrow service - eg - for the protection of both parties. The purchaser will be liable for the escrow fees.

VAT and other taxes

VAT at 20% is payable on the transaction for an EU-based purchaser who is not verifiably VAT registered. If the EU purchaser is VAT registered, we may be able to zero rate the VAT.

Outside the EU, there is no VAT liability but the purchaser will be responsible for any local taxes of their jurisdiction.

Completing the transaction

On receipt of full payment into our UK bank account, we will transfer the domain to the purchaser’s domain registrar of choice. The current domain registrar is

The legal jurisdiction for this transaction is England, UK.

Your offer

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