Windows Docker Desktop app and permissions under Active Directory

The problem

If you attempt to fire up the Docker Desktop app in Windows 10, you may get a notification about the need to be in the docker-users security group. If you missed the pop-up (as I did) and Docker Desktop doesn't run, check the notifications panel for messages.

What's going on?

The Docker Desktop app requires the logged on user to be part of the docker-users local security group.


docker-users is not in Active Directory – which is the first place I'd looked – so you have to start the Computer Management app on your local computer with the appropriate privileges and then go to System Tools > Local Users and Groups > Groups . Find the docker-users group and double-click on it. Click on Add and then add yourself as a member of this group. If you are successful, it will show as MYDOMAIN\username in the list.

The final thing you have to do is log off and log on again so that the new membership info is read.