While building and hosting websites is no longer a core activity, we're happy to provide a sounding board, advice or formal consultancy for website design and management. Hence we thought it useful to present some of the websites that we've designed and managed over the years to show the range of our experience.

Some of our former clients have grown so much that they now have in-house website teams, others moved their websites to other providers, some have changed direction or are no longer trading. This is a selection of our former designs in no particular order - these images probably don't reflect the existing websites for the organisations concerned.

Caz website history

SC Asphalte

French company specialising in groundworks in south west France

Red Gate software

Red Gate, Cambridge, create a range of software for software developers and database administrators

QEH Theatre

QEH Theatre operated in Bristol as part of QEH School

Julian Murphy

Julian Murphy is an erotic artist now based in the USA

1st D'Zine

1st D'Zine provide consultancy and project management for office refurbishment

Yew Tree Clinic

Yew Tree Clinic is an Osteopathy, Chiropody, Acupuncture, Holistic Massage, Alexander Technique, Hypnotherapy, Homeopathy and Counselling practice

DriverPlan motoring continuity insurance

DriverPlan provide motoring continuity insurance

Pulteney Princess

Pulteney Princess, a traditional Broads riverbus, took passengers along the River Avon during the summer months

Crown Conveyors

Crown Conveyors design and manufacture conveying systems

Bath Family Mediation

Bath Family Mediation was the website of a mediator and author

All the Montpeliers

All the Montpeliers is a study of how a French placename spread

Montpelier Conservation Group

Montpelier Conservation Group is concerned with the built environment in the area of Bristol where Caz Limited used to be based

Kensington & Chelsea Cruse Bereavement Care

This is a local branch of Cruse, the national charity

Montpelier Pages

MontpelierPages is a local directory for businesses and groups

Stuart Morton - flying in France

Stuart Morton was an English flying instructor based in France

Leiths School of Food and Wine

Leiths School of Food and Wine, London, provides all kinds of cookery courses

The English Gardening School

The English Gardening School, London, runs courses in garden design

File Centre

File Centre provides document storage facilities

File Centre document shredding service

File Centre offers secure document shredding as part of its range of services

Commercial Transfer

Commercial Transfer offer corporate relocation services


Bellcrown, Cheshire, were manufacturers of horse-drawn competition vehicles

Dance Live Bristol

Dance Live Bristol was a festival of dance in 2002

Hayles & Howe

Hayles & Howe, Bristol and Baltimore, manufacture and install ornamental plasterwork and scagliola

Redfield Property Services

Redfield Property Services provided surveying services

Sally Walker Language Services

Sally Walker Languages Services have been in Bristol since the 1960s

South West Arts Marketing

South West Arts Marketing offered audience promotion services for organisations

Rosemary Alexander

Rosemary Alexander is a well-known garden designer and Principal of the English Gardening School