The aim of CazMiranda is to become a single point of management for your website operations, particularly if you have more than one website.

That said, we don't oblige our website owners to take on the updating of their websites – we can handle some or all of it on request.

CazMiranda also allows us to keep the technology that runs the websites up to date.

What does CazMiranda offer?

For the website owner CazMiranda gives access to the content of all your pages, including the items important for SEO.

For the more experienced user there is the ability to manage assets (pictures, pdfs etc) and navigation blocks.

For the website design house CazMiranda gives all of that plus the ability to control the code itself, such as style sheets and ASP.NET MVC Razor pages, so that you have the complete round-trip.

Why it’s different

We are evolving CazMiranda as a Websites as a Service platform that includes website hosting and management tools. We have transferred all the websites that we have designed and now host onto this system. However this isn't a 'walled garden' approach - we make it possible for website owners to move their websites to another provider should they wish.

Baseline features

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We provide a tool to give an overview of an entire website’s titles and metadata, and changes are written directly to the website.

Domain names

Managing domain names is a perennial problem – it’s easy to lose track and fail to renew them. The CazMiranda dashboard can show which of your domains are expiring within the next three months so you have plenty of time to deal with them.

Website trends

Mobile working and ‘Responsive Design’

Since the ‘office’ is no longer static this presents problems for websites because they have to accommodate very small to very large screens - hard to maintain if you were to have a different website for each format: phone, tablet, desktop, HD TV and 4K TV. Complexity soon increases because even within those five formats there are significant differences in technical requirements and also it’s likely that you will want to deliver different types and volumes of content according to screen size too.

All websites that we develop on the CazMiranda platform are now built with ‘responsive design’ in mind.


Users get their own logins - you can have more than one for a given organisation - and later we will be introducing roles eg editor, contributor, SEO specialist so that access can be controlled.