Multiple languages with CazMiranda

Managing multilingual websites presents its own set of issues, for example:

  • particular pages may not be required in one of the website's languages
  • or the converse, a particular page may only be required in one language
  • ideally page names (clean URLs) should be in the language of the page
  • you need to know if a particular page is missing in a given language
  • a page in one language should refer (as an 'alternate') to its corresponding page in the other languages
  • when a visitor arrives at a multilingual website for the first time, the language rendered should be set according to the browser preferences*

We've designed CazMiranda to simplify these and some other technical problems.

* this is not an exact science because a lot of people have not set their browser preferences correctly and Microsoft Windows tends to install with American English for English-speaking users.