Deciding whether or not to use Caz Limited

Let’s be clear: we’re not a suitable candidate for all websites or web projects. We're not going to be redesigning Amazon or eBay any time soon, nor are we appropriate for the village hall website.

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach

You may be better off doing-it-yourself with WordPress or similar. The danger, of course, is that there is quite a good chance you will end up looking like everyone else’s website - but this may not matter. In particular it won’t matter if you are driving traffic by non-web means and/or your target audience is delighted that they have found you at all.

The other problem with the DIY approach is that you may not be quite so effective in getting traffic to your site and converting it once it is there. To some extent this can be remedied by going to our SEO and UXO guide or you could always just buy in help when you need it.

Where we might be suitable

  • You just want advice on a project
  • If you want to hand the project over to someone to take care of it because you’re busy doing other things
  • The need is for something technically complex that involves databases or web services
  • It's old and you want a code review of your existing website to see whether it's still viable for your visitors
  • Sometimes you get too used to your website and a third-party can see if the User Experience (UX) still stacks up
  • You need a technical check for broken links, etc
  • You need multilingual capabilities to address your audience in their language

We only take on projects we think we can handle, where we think we can contribute and last, but not least, they have to be interesting to us.