Hello, we're Caz Limited, and we do ‘things’

Raspberry Pi computers

Internet of Things (IoT)

The extraordinary power of the diminutive Raspberry Pi computer with its 4-core processor and 1GB of RAM allows the development of projects hitherto constrained by cost.

Given that these devices are on paper significantly more powerful than the web servers we first installed back in 1997, it would be possible to run a low-traffic website quite happily on one of these.

Helios Things

Helios Professional Audio is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Caz Limited. It was set up by Crispin Horsfield, Nick Cann, Peter Stothart and, most importantly, Dick Swettenham with the eventual objective of producing digitally-controlled analogue professional audio equipment.

Web things

We've designed and built websites using Microsoft technologies since 1997 and we've developed our own web platform, dubbed CazMiranda, to help us manage multiple websites. Building and hosting websites is no longer a core activity, but we are happy to advise on the business and technical aspects of websites should anyone want it.

Resource things

Although our focus has changed, we've left all our articles in place such as How do I know if my website is any good?