Hello, we're Caz Limited, and we do ‘Internet of Things’ development and web consultancy

Raspberry Pi computers

Our current focus

  • developing IoT hardware and software
  • website assessment - both technical and effectiveness
  • marketing and business-oriented web consultancy
  • showing what might be achieved with some of the emerging web technologies
  • explaining technical topics to the non-technical
  • reviewing the code that makes a website run

Internet of Things (IoT)

The extraordinary power of the diminutive Raspberry Pi computer with its 4-core processor and 1GB of RAM allows the development of projects hitherto constrained by cost.

Given that these devices are on paper significantly more powerful than the web servers we first installed back in 1997, it would be possible to run a low traffic website quite happily on one of these.

How did we get here?

We've designed and built websites using Microsoft technologies since 1997 and we've developed our own web platform, dubbed CazMiranda, to help us manage multiple websites.


Although our focus has changed, we've left all our articles in place such as How do I know if my website is any good?.