Hello, we're Caz Limited.
We do web consultancy and websites...

We've been designing and building websites using Microsoft technologies since 1997 and we've developed our own web platform, dubbed CazMiranda, to help us manage multiple websites for our clients, though some elect to manage their own.

Busy people tend to hire us because they want to get on with their own jobs and effectively outsource their website management to us. They give us rough copy or their intent and we sort it out. In essence, their time is valuable and they would rather spend money getting things done which they are not so good at so that they can get on with things that they are good at (or find more interesting).

Current focus

Our present focus now is higher level:

  • marketing and business-oriented web consultancy
  • showing what might be achieved with some of the emerging web technologies
  • explaining technical topics to the non-technical
  • reviewing the code that makes a website run
  • development help for a website designer

...and we would even do a whole website if asked nicely, though you may want to consider when to use us for your website project. We would also expect to host the site too so that we can manage it easily with CazMiranda.

Amongst our articles there is a pragmatic guide to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Visitor Experience Optimisation (VXO).

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