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Caz Limited terms and conditions of trade

Our terms and conditions of trade are available as a PDF document.

Domain management

Where we manage domains for customers, we automatically renew domains for three years unless we are specifically told the domain is no longer required - a reminder of this appears on every invoice. We regard this approach as the ‘safe’ option as inadvertently losing a domain can have a major business impact.

Domain renewal is invoiced in advance. In the instance where we have renewed it already but either the customer decides that they no longer want the domain name or the invoice has not been settled within 30 days, we reserve the right to transfer title of domain to Caz Limited without cost as per our terms and conditions.

The current cost of domain renewal for UK domains is £18 + VAT each for three years. Popular non-UK domains (.com, .org, etc) domains cost £36 + VAT each for three years. The prices for other top level domains (eg .io, .co) are available on request.

There are no charges for transferring a domain from our management where the transfer is handled expeditiously. We reserve the right to make a charge of £25 + VAT if more than one authorisation code has to be issued or the process becomes particularly drawn out. In this instance, we will give notice that we intend to charge.

UK domain registrations

These are governed in a three-way contract between the registrant and Nominet (the UK's domain name authority) and Caz Limited.

Compliance with both Caz Limited's and Nominet's terms and conditions is mandatory and, if compliance is not explicitly given by the registrant, is deemed to have been implicitly given by the registrant when ordering or when completing payment for a domain name, whichever is the earlier.

Questions, complaints or reporting abuse

Please use the form on our contact page if you have a question, complaint or need to report abuse. We normally expect to send you an acknowledgement of receipt or a response within one working day, but it could be up to three.


Any information given on the pages of the Caz Limited website is given in good faith and as a result of our being in the website business for many years. No responsibility can be taken by us for loss, damage or injury as a result of taking or not taking any notice of what we say.

Company information

Caz Limited
Company number: 3359178.
Registered office: Ashley Lodge, 82 Cobourg Road, Montpelier, Bristol, BS6 5HX.
VAT registration number: GB720795038.